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ZinQuest Meet the Publisher: Matthew Morris

Matthew Morris is raising funds for The Ballad of Myrtlewood Fishermaus on Kickstarter, a plug-and-play hex for the popular Mausritter game.

Question: Give us the elevator pitch of your project.

Answer: Mausritter is a cute little game about adventure and exploration is a vastly huge world, this is done via the traditional hex-crawl. The Ballad of Myrtlewood Fishermaus offers GMs a fully fleshed out “plug-and-play” hex, rife with social intrigue, faction disputes, interesting NPCs, hidden treasure, and hooks to 20+ other Third-party Mausritter supplements.

Q: Have you participated in ZineQuest before? If not, what are you looking to accomplish with this project?

A: This is my second KS campaign. Last year I ran a very successful project, funding my Mausritter third-party zine anthology. I have been writing Bernpyle, an unofficial sword-and-whiskers zine since 2020; this project served as the “best-of” hardcover anthology. This book is available on itch and physical copies are coming soon to Exalted Funeral. What is different this time around? Well, scale. Bernpyle YEAR ONE had so many add-one and I shipped anywhere in the globe. This project is much smaller and for reasons pertaining to my personal life (moving and two babies) I am only shipping physical copies in the US. However, I am anticipating we will sell these guys at Exalted Funeral later this year or next.

Q: Tell us something that really excites you about this project.

A: This zine is actually a large pocket mod. It’ll be printed on 12x18 inch sheets and then folded into an 8 page zine. The inside has a map with location descriptions and encounter tables as well. For this scenario I wanted to do something different. I have written nearly 40 Mausritter adventure sites or locations and most deal with combat and treasure. For the Ballad of Myrtlewood Fishermaus I wanted almost no combat (and if there is, it is deadly and quick). Rather, this supplement is all about social encounters and social problem solving. With 4 NPCs and 2 Factions, all with there own goals; the mice adventures can become public heroes bringing peace to the stream. If they do, they may be heavily rewarded. Also, my wife and I love Wes Anderson, and what says interesting social encounters like Wes Anderson films. This zine is inspired by Wes Anderson’s artist style.

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