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Arcana Unearthed

Arcana Unearthed

Hardcover, Used, NM Condition.


The 3rd Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game has thrilled hundreds of thousands. But maybe you’re starting to find the traditional elves, dwarves, fighters, and wizards a bit routine. What if there were a whole new player’s handbook, presented just like the original but with different races, classes, skills, feats, and spells?

Features of this variant player’s handbook from 3rd Edition codesigner Monte Cook include:
10 PC races, including giants, runechildren, and the lionlike litorians.
11 new classes, such as witches, mage blades, and the unfettered.
Hundreds of new skills, feats, and spells.
Variant rules for handling magic and combat.
A rulebook to challenge your assumptions about your favorite RPG.