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Babylon 5: Ship Plans Volume I - Hyperion

Babylon 5: Ship Plans Volume I - Hyperion



  • This flagship product in the new Ship Plans range for the B5 Universe is a complete tour of one of the Earth Alliance's finest warships: The magnificent Hyperion-class cruiser, in all its glory. The Hyperion has some of the most cramped conditions reported outside of Narn space, yet not only is it intimidatingly powerful, it houses so many redundant systems and backup controls that it can take the most punishing of poundings and keep fighting.

    Hyperion Ship Plans takes you through every aspect of this workhorse of the Earth Alliance fleet - every bulkhead, generator, capability and design flaw. Painstakingly researched from both the B5 canon universe and real-life naval ans space vessels, every deck on the ship has a full, detailed and to-scale schematic, along with acompanying descriptions and explanations.


  • Compatible with all other Babylon 5 products

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