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Badger + Coyote

Badger + Coyote

New, staplebound zine. Includes pdf through Bits and Mortar.


Badger and Coyote are good friends, even though they are very different creatures and live by different rules. They find working together to achieve their goals to be beneficial, and, many times, they enjoy each other’s company. Badger is focused and determined, while Coyote wants to play and socialize as much as eating.


Badger + Coyote is an asymmetrical, GM-less, duet game that takes between 1-2 hours to play. Badger and Coyote are trying to survive and thrive each day with their own unique skills.


Need a game for a lazy Sunday? A date night? A glass of wine with a friend? Jump into Badger + Coyote! A pastoral two player ttrpg of mischief and survival. Sneak into Miss Hallowtallow's Gardens, outwit her dogs, and get some fresh fruits and veggies. Or head out to the Dopplebock Prairie to flush out field mice while avoiding the wolves and hawks.

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