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Basilisk Hills Compiled (hardcover)

Basilisk Hills Compiled (hardcover)

This book compiles the seven hexes that make up the Basilisk Hills cluster of the Populated Hexes series into a single book:

  • 14.22 Lair of the Troglodytes
  • 13.22 The Plateau of Sighs
  • 14.23 The Basilisk Knights
  • 15.22 The Toppled King
  • 15.21 The River’s Source
  • 14.21 The Gateway to the Pallid Fields
  • 13.21 The Gangrenous Orcs

Together, they form an adventuring location that can keep your players busy for months of game time. In addition to multiple dungeons and lairs, the book contains:

  • A town suitable for use as a home base for the players during their explorations.
  • New spells and magic items.
  • New classes, including the half-dryad grove guardian, troglodytes, morlocks, orcs, and more.
  • New rules for expanding your OSR-style game, including magical research and ritual magic, running a clerical temple, ley lines and engines, ways to make dragons unique.
  • Much more!

This is a 158 page 8-1/2 x 11 hardcover. This book is also included in the Baslisk Hills Ultimate Hexcrawl.