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Beasts of Flesh and Steel

Beasts of Flesh and Steel

Hardcover, NM Condition.


Add an element of the truly unexpected to your Fifth Edition game with this fantastic assortment of science-fantasy creatures born in the Ninth World—the award-winning, critically acclaimed setting created by legendary game designer Monte Cook.


Beasts of Flesh and Steel contains:

  • 140 fascinating, dangerous new monsters that bring a science-fantasy element to your encounters. Beware the carnivorous color, a predator unlike anything from our dimension; the awakened ruin that breaks from its original location to prowl the landscape; and the shadowy clicker, which hunts any creature that makes sound.
  • CRs ranging from 1 to 25—so you always have loads of challenges for parties at every level.
  • Stunning artwork that shows off each of these weird and wondrous creatures, and a convenient layout that makes this book uniquely easy to use in prep and at the game table.
  • A complete bestiary with everything you need to bring these monsters to your game table. These creatures complement Arcana of the Ancients, but you don’t need that book to use this one. Add these creatures to any 5e game!