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Beneath the Moss Courts

Beneath the Moss Courts

Through Ultan’s Door Press presents Beneath the Moss Courts, a companion adventure to issue 3 written by Gus L. It expands one of the hidden locations of the sewer point crawl into an entire pirate-themed siege adventure that also reaches up into the law offices of Zyan Above.


your first glimpse of the city of Zyan! Defeat your enemies at trial with the testimony of cats! Loot the wreck of the Verdant Purveyor, rich with blood-stained pirate booty! Or, more likely, end up imprisoned in its water-choked hold!


The 40-page zine is printed on deluxe French Paper Co paper, and includes a detachable cardstock cover with a map on the interior, an encounter card, and a second map insert with notes on running a siege adventure. It is written for a party of characters of 2-4 level in Advanced Labyrinth or any older edition of D&D.