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Between The Skies Vol.2

Between The Skies Vol.2



Between the Skies, Volume 2


Volume 2 is filled with procedures and tables for making your own cosmic vessel and travelling to other worlds. It also contains principles and advice for running a game of weird fantasy exploration, and everything you need to create a starting adventure. Finally, this volume contains a short introductory adventure created using the tables and procedures in this book. 


Volume 2 features:

  • Role-playing grounded in a common understanding of a shared imaginary world, rather than a set system of rules
  • Procedures and tables for ship generation, intersphere and interplanar travel, portal hopping, and all the encounters that might occur along the way
  • Advice and guidance on running games of travel and exploration between worlds
  • A short starting adventure, accompanied by an outline of all the tables and procedures used to create it
  • Dozens of additional tables for generating NPCs, creatures, factions, gods and more.