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Bizarre Torches

Bizarre Torches

This is a 4.1 x 5.8 tiny saddle-stitched book. Purchase includes the pdf.


Within this booklet you will find d66 torches for use with most any OSR or D20-based fantasy roleplaying game. Each is presented in such a way as to inspire the gamemaster. Where game statistics are listed, they are intended solely as a starting point for the gamemaster’s imagination.


Unless otherwise stated, each torch within this booklet may burn for up to one hour. When possible, the adventurers may light and extinguish these torches over and over again, so long as the total time alight does not exceed that one hour limit.


You will need to exercise your own judgment when introducing these items in a campaign. Some of the included torches are brutally powerful and may subject the heroes to complications that they do not expect.