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Bleak Spirit

Bleak Spirit

New, 6x9" 120 page B&W softcover book with PDF (fulfilled via Bits and Mortar)


The world of Bleak Spirit is one of majesty and mystery, where the landscape looms vast and conceals manifold cryptic secrets. The twisted descendants of ancient civilisations live among the faded glories of their forebears, pursuing arcane agendas indecipherable to outsiders. And in primordial woods and swamps, fabled treasures and long-forgotten sorceries lie guarded by deadly monsters both fearsome and noble.


This world is gloomy, desolate, lonely -- but also beautiful. Long-abandoned fortress ruins still stand as awe-inspiring testament to the might and vision of their creators. Beside the hungry beasts that prowl the forests, flowers grow, picked out by rays of sunlight glancing through the leaves.


Into this world comes a wanderer, a lone traveller from somewhere else who bears a heavy destiny.


Bleak Spirit is their story.

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