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Bones of the Red Dragon

Bones of the Red Dragon

Staplebound softcover


Deep in the Skulking Wastes lie the remains of a great red dragon. She was destroyed in a mighty fireball that lit the swamp gasses leaving perpetual flames amidst the sodden land. Will you survive the flames and recover the artifact you keep?

What is "Bones of the Red Dragon"?

Bones of the Red Dragon supports 3-5 players playing Cairn and low-level 5e. It describes a small region filled with fire worshipers and lost creatures. Each hex sets the stage for adventure and traveling between them have you greeting the wanderers lost in the swamp. 


  • Hex map filled with encounters
  • Location map for The Bones
  • 6 creature bestiary
  • Magic Items, Encounters, and Generators
  • Cairn and 5e support

Written and illustrated by Jim Hall of Brooklet Games