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Brancalonia RPG: Macaronicon Setting Book (HC)

Brancalonia RPG: Macaronicon Setting Book (HC)

Macaronicon is the first expansion manual for Brancalonia RPG, a richly-illustrated hardcover volume that collects all additional material unlocked during the Kickstarter campaign.

This volume contains all game material and additional information to make your adventures in the Kingdom even more accurate and in-depth.

Players will find new options for Kingdom Rogues; in particular 1 new class, the Puppeteer, with two dedicated subclasses; 10 new subclasses, 3 new races, 2 new puppet sub-races and many new background options.

The volume introduces new equipment of all kinds as well as an incredible number of new spells and invocations to the Saints.

Players can find a series of insights into many dubious or mysterious aspects of Brancalonia: from Fandonia to relics, from the nature of puppets to the use of monsters in the kitchen. They can enrich their adventures with new creatures and adversaries.

There are also 4 chapters on as many cities in the Kingdom, including detailed maps, secret locations, and ideas for adventures. Also included are 7 new adventures, written by a team of Magnificent Seven of the Italian and international role-playing game community.

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