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Celawyn's Guide to Wilderness and Fey

Celawyn's Guide to Wilderness and Fey

Softcover, Excellent Condition.


Between the city and the dungeon is the wilderness, but what do you do there? Fight a single random encounter, no matter how far the journey, heal up immediately afterwards, and then move on? There’s no need for the wilderness to be so one-note! With Celawyn’s Guide to Wilderness and Fey, you’ll find revised rules for food, rest, encounters, and encumbrance that turn the wilderness into a challenge of their own, focusing less on beancounting pound for pound and more on the hard decisions of how much food versus potions you’re going to pack and what you’re going to do if your donkey dies to a random encounter and your carrying capacity gets cut in half.

Or set out to hunt a monster down with the new rules for monster hunting, tracking down your quarry using paw or clawprints, roars or howls, and other clues in a fully simulated ecosystem that is nevertheless quick and easy to run.

Embrace the beast within and play as the mighty werewolf, another of the series’ transformations that consume magic item slots in exchange for powerful lycanthropic abilities compatible with any race and class combination, or embrace every beast within with the new Shapeshifter class, dedicated entirely to transforming into lions, tigers, and bears.

Lean on the mischievous magic of the fey to play as the new pixie race. Or maybe your magic is more cruel and vengeful than playful pranks, and you wa