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Chess & Checkers: Folding Magnetic Board

Chess & Checkers: Folding Magnetic Board

Our middle size Chess & Checkers Folding Magnetic Travel Set is a high quality plastic chess set that is perfect for taking on trips whether it's on a long vacation or just to school and back.


Even though this is our largest plastic travel set you will find it light and portable and can be easily stored away in a suitcase or backpack yet a terrific size for a good game of chess anywhere. The chess pieces are nicely detailed and have strong magnets underneath that are recessed so they do not touch the chess board to prevent scratching it up over time. The pieces will stay put and you can even turn the board upside down and they won't fall off. The case folds in half to hold the pieces inside and securely snaps closed and won't open up until you want it open.


The chess board features algebraic notation on all sides, a nice feature that most travel sets don't have. Some advantages that our plastic travel chess set has over wood is that it's weather proof and it won't crack or warp like wood travel chess sets can do over time. It's much lighter in weight and more durable than wood and the board is screen printed metal so it has better magnetic properties compared to a wood surface with a metal sheet underneath.


Overall, we believe this is an unbeatable travel chess set at breakthrough price that you'll truly enjoy!High-Quality Magnetic chess & Checkers Set(Middle Size)Two in one game set, One set include Chess game and Checkers game.Use High-Quality plastic mold makes very nice quality of chess&checkers piece and plastic box.The Travel Chess Set is a fun little set that easily fits in a pocket. It has a snap-closed plastic box with plastic hinges that opens up to a 305mm x 305mm board and 35mm black and white squares.


The 3 dimensional pieces stay put with magnetic bases that keep them fi