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Children of UMA

Children of UMA

Hardcover, digest-size. Purchase includes pdf. 142 pages.


The world ended but humankind didn't; it just got more desperate. You are a Hellsing, a member of a band of wayward orphans doing what they must to survive in post-apocalyptic Kansas, and the fate of the wasteland you call home is in your hands. 


Children of UMA is a vehicle battle based TTRPG built using the easy and intuitive 321 Action! ruleset, which is run using a single D10! The adventure features over 36 supercharged vehicles including ATVs, cars, dune buggies, helicopters, motorcycles, and even monster trucks! 


Drive, fight, and sneak your way through a futuristic Dust Bowl, where roving bands of misfits are all looking for the same thing; a way to live to see another day.  


So grab a few friends, get some snacks, and enjoy the ride in Children of UMA!

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