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Compendium of North American Cryptids and Magical Creatures

Compendium of North American Cryptids and Magical Creatures

Faux-leather softcover.


An illustrated guide to 55+ cryptids & magical creatures of North America, including their biology, diet, habitat, magical uses, and defenses. Illustrations are full-page and full-color for every creature entry. Indispensable study for aspiring wizards studying at magic school or Magischola, or for cryptid lovers everywhere.

Useful for dungeon masters, RPG runners, storytellers, and aficionados of monsters, fantastic beasts, magical creatures, supernatural legends, and mythical (or are they??) cryptids of all sorts. Includes the famous jackalope, gremlin, chupacabra, sasquatch, thunderbird, werewolf, Jersey Devil, Mothman, cactus cat, ahuizotl, and more.

Some are cute, some are legendary, some are the stuff of nightmares. The book is annotated by a rather snarky cryptozoologist who disagrees with some of the findings of the author, so you'll enjoy some of the contradictions, arguments, and humor. How many stomachs DOES a chupacabra have? The government doesn't want you to know.