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Corporation: The Mind Unbound

Corporation: The Mind Unbound

Softcover, NM Condition.


The Mind is the key to unlock your shackles. Greed has left half a world bleeding and broken beneath the weight of poverty, conflict, and slavery. Only we can lead the oppressed beyond the horrors of the Corporate age. Trust in us, and we will set you free.

The Mind is the weapon to rout your enemies. Fear has left our rivals struggling to comprehend the power we command, scrambling to blunt it. Only we can shepherd the defenseless in a world full of predators. Trust in us, and we will protect you.

The Mind is the tool to change your world. War has left society on the brink of the abyss, held in a fragile balance of bitter rivals and capricious powers. Only we can guide the innocent through a second darkness and back into light. Trust in us, and we will bring you to a new age of peace... no matter the cost.

Unbound, the Mind grants strength and understanding beyond petty morals or the judgments of a fallen civilization; the strength to do what must be done for the greater good.

Welcome, Agent, to the Comoros Corporation.

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