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Creature Companion (Damaged)

Creature Companion (Damaged)

New, hardcover, pdf included (will be emailed separately). These copies were damaged in shipping to us (cosmetic damage to spine and cover) and are being sold at a discount.


Within the pages of this bestiary you will find many creatures from the artwork of Evlyn Moreau. Some are quite cruel, while others are kind. Here, you will find new friends and enemies for your games. A few may be familiar, while most will be quite new. Strange beasts, hideous hags and things from beyond this mortal coil dwell within the pages of the book you now hold in your hands! In this special limited printing, you will also find appendices featuring twelve gods, their followers' religions and spells that may be cast by their priesthood. We hope the new imaginings that we bring you will catch your interest and take you back to the days you picked up and thumbed through your first game bestiary, feeling the wonder of learning about the book's strange inhabitants!

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