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Dark Eye: Gods of Aventuria

Dark Eye: Gods of Aventuria

Hardcover, New.


The Gods are everywhere. Few people in Aventuria have not personally witnessed a Blessed One’s wondrous powers; consequently, most Aventurians believe in the gods without question. Servants of the Twelve provide advice and practical assistance to the faithful.

Gods of Aventuria focuses on the Blessed Ones of the Twelve and their important allies, the Blessed Ones of the demigods. It also shines a light on their primary adversary, the Nameless One. Learn about the different Church traditions, organizational structures, and sacred places and objects. Use the power of the new Ceremonial Items. Decide which aspect of your god to follow and customize your character with liturgical styles from different Church movements.
Support your god as a member of one of the most important Aventurian Orders or preach their words as a Zealot. Give more depth to villains who follow the Nameless One or play a
character with a dark secret as a follower of the dark god. Gods of Aventuria also presents new and exciting profession packages for each of the twelve Gods and their main allied demigods, as well as a handful of the most important Aventurian Orders. Learn more about the Golgarites,
who follow Boron; the Draconites, who pledge themselves to Hesinde; and the Amazons, Rondra’s chosen people.

Eight new game-ready archetypes allow you to dive directly into the world of Aventuria!