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Dark Lord: Lords and Minions

Dark Lord: Lords and Minions

Softcover, B&W interior, NM Condition


In Dark Lord, you play as the Big Bad Evil Guy, leading your minions into battle against the forces of light, and stopping at nothing to conquer the world! Contained herein are the rules for generating your dark lord and their nefarious minions, everything a player needs to get started!

Players in Dark Lord each play an evil overlord as part of a dark council, but only one player controls their overlord at a time. When you are the dark lord, the other players at the table take the role of your minions. When you are a minion, you must balance boldness and cowardice to maximize your plunder in order to receive mana rewards that you can spend when playing your dark lord. The forces of light are arrayed against you and your dark council, but with enough cunning and tenacity, your reign of terror will be eternal.

Each season begins with a meeting of the dark c