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Dead Mall

Dead Mall

Urban exploration without ever leaving the house! 


Dead Mall is a new Survival Horror Table Top Role Playing Game by John Patrick Cooper and Dystopian Games. It’s a hack of the delightful and heartwarming game Tunnel Goons by The Highland Paranormal Society


The basic concept is that you and your friends have somehow wound up in an abandoned mall. While looking for cool stuff, a place to party, or shit to vandalize, you stumble upon something wrong… horribly, horribly wrong. From then on you must navigate the mall and its monsters, with no weapons, your wits, and left over detritus from the mall to help you survive.

The pamphlet comes with a d100 Random Mall Generator to help you come up with tons of defunct retail stores, restaurants and mall landmarks. There's also an online Mall Generator as well.


It's a game for 2-5 players and a a referee colloquially known as The Mall Master.
Initially, we were going to call them The Mall Cop, but then no one would want to run the game.