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Delayed Blast Gamemaster: Issue #2

Delayed Blast Gamemaster: Issue #2

Welcome back for more! Early in 2019, I launched Delayed Blast Gamemaster #1 as a part of the Kickstarter Zine Quest event and 600 of you made the project a success with your overwhelming support for the idea. By the close of the project, you had expanded the zine out to 48 pages and unlocked every stretch goal I could throw at the campaign. Thank you!

Now it is time for the second issue, bringing more systemless support for gamemasters of fantasy RPGs. Within the pages of this Zine you will find:


  • OneDSix Dungeon Characters
  • FiveDSix Unwanted Treasures
  • OneDEight Dungeon Oddities
  • TwoDFour Memorable Weapons
  • OneDEight Adventure Hooks
  • OneDSix Guards
  • OneDSix Goblins
  • OneDSix Magic Scrolls
  • OneDEight Dungeon Conditions
  • OneDSix Pockets Picked
  • Cave of Eyes