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Delver #6

Delver #6

A bi-monthly (six issues per year) magazine for Old-School Essentials and similar OSR fantasy RPG games. Each issue contains one ready-to-run adventure with maps and printable prop(s) PLUS numerous random tables and charts.


Includes pdf, which will be sent separately from the order.


Product Details:

40 pages
Cover/Back Cover - Color
Inside Cover/Inside Back Cover - Color
38 Black-and-White Pages
5.5 inches wide x 8.5 inches tall
5 ounces

Delver #6 Table of Contents

----- Random Charts & Tables -----

(Each of the listings below is a page of random charts/tables)

Better Healing Potion
Library of Niloshis Whisperwalk
Griffin Claw Auction House
Agnaddob's Artifact Emporium
Don't Get Attached - Fighter
Don't Get Attached - Magic-User
A Priest's Holy Tome
Deed (prop)
Dolbin's Scrolls
Tavern Tales
Let's Create a Dungeon
A Unique Coffin
Skeleton Tactics
Poisoner's Journal
That is NOT a Normal Ghoul
Wanna Buy a Map
Map (prop) 

----- Article(s) -----

The Referee Roundtable - Homebrew Rules RULE!

----- Adventure -----

A Vampire Problem - 13 page adventure