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Demon Gate Core Rulebook

Demon Gate Core Rulebook

Hardcover, Excellent Condition.


 An apocalyptic dark fantasy tabletop roleplaying game set within a feudal, medieval era. You are a survivor, an adventurer fighting for your soul in a world filled with darkness and monsters. Delve into the ancient ruins of races long dead and otherworldly beings lost to the teeth of time. The black towers of the Void Gods hold untold treasures and mystic artifacts that wield esoteric technology, or what we call "magic".

    The world Koth has suffered through the Apocalyptic Prophecies with the final tragedy yet to be fulfilled. The legends say that the world was once infested by demons and for eons they have been imprisoned. Now stories are spreading around the campfires of the dead rising from their graves and the very darkness of the Veil Myst coming to drag souls to the Black Plane. If this is true, the Demon Gate has opened, and it will take more than just heroes to stop it.

     Demon Gate uses the Chaos System for its mechanics. This system uses a resisted D20 for combat. You must roll to attack and defend. The skills and attributes part of the system uses a dice ladder mechanic d6 to d8, d10 to d12, d8+d6 to 2d8, etc. Increasing skills and attributes will grant you a greater dice pool to utilize in order to reach target numbers or resisted rolls. 

The core rulebook is 454 pages of a highly detailed world known as Koth! A planet where all races were once enslaved by the demon lords. Come and join the struggle to shatter the gate. 

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