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Devil's Gulch (BRP)

Devil's Gulch (BRP)

Softcover, NM Condition


Basic Roleplaying Adventures in the Weird Wild West

Devil's Gulch is a Wild West location designed for use with the Basic Roleplaying system. It contains descriptions of buildings, non-player characters, and outlying areas of interest. There are rules for new character types, skills, combat, magic, mad science, and more than a few critters thrown in for good measure. Special sections show how to transform Devil s Gulch from a historically-based Western boomtown into a Weird West or Steampunk West town, or even into a Victorian outpost on the newly-settled planet Mars. How far you want to push the envelope is up to you, so you best be ready to jerk that smoke wagon and throw down, because you never know who ll be a-walkin through those saloon doors!

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