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Distress Signals (Mothership Supplement)

Distress Signals (Mothership Supplement)

“This is crew chief Stephanie Ramirez. I am the sole survivor of the Argosy and by the time you receive this message I will be dead. This is a warning. Do not board this ship! I have set course for the star Wolf-Rayet to dispose of this vessel. This ship is-


Distress Signals is a collection of five short adventures for MOTHERSHIP, presented as a variety of mayday requests from various ships drifting in the harsh void of space. How your players respond to these requests, and what they find if they do, is up to them.

This 28-page full-color supplement provides plot hooks, maps, and detailed room descriptions for each adventure. Explore:

  • Medical research vessel Chiron, where the test subjects have gone bananas and taken control of the ship.
  • Cargo ship Terus Maju, in dire need of a new engine--unless it’s a trap set by hungry space pirates.
  • Actual pirate ship LAS Prevenge, fresh from a raid on a terraforming vessel and desperate for rescue.
  • The RMU Firebird, currently adrift and powerless in the path of an oncoming cloud of deadly space debris.
  • The exploration ship Argosy, and the ravenous alien lifeform it brought back from its most recent mission.


Reece Carter - writing
Roz Leahy - editing

Holly Jencka - art
Ruby C - art

Eric Hill - layout


28 pages, saddle stitched, a5, zine, color cover and interior