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DNGN (pdf)

DNGN (pdf)

This is the pdf. It is also available as a print/pdf bundle here.


DNGN #1 is the first issue of a serialized zine that takes place in a megadungeon. Each issue will cover ten levels of the dungeon. It's cover-to-cover of classic B/X monsters, magic items, encounters, secret doors, and old-school fun! It is a quick and easy resource of adventure material that a referee can use at the gaming table with no prep. DNGN is designed to work as a complete megadungeon adventure, or for levels be dropped directly into your pre-existing campaign setting.


The layout of DNGN is inspired by the one-page dungeon format, with one level fully described on a two-page spread. DNGN is influenced by ideas from weird-fantasy, sword & sorcery, sci-fi, and post-apocalyptic genres. The history of megadungeons in the OSR were also an influence, including campaigns such as Stonehell (by Michael Curtis), Mike's Dungeons (by Geoffrey McKinney), and early TSR adventures from the late 70s.


Rules Compatibility
DNGN is designed for use with Old-School Essentials, and can easily be used with other OSR systems that are derived from the original B/X rules.



  • 48 pages.

  • 10 dungeon levels, each with a map, random tables and room features.

  • 80+ rooms to explore, filled with monsters, features and encounters with a weird-fantasy vibe.

  • Beautiful graphic design and page layout.

  • Ease of use, a two-page spread contains a dungeon map and descriptions of all the keyed locations.

  • Random tables for encounters and loot!

  • Designed for ease of use at the table, so a referee can run the dungeon with little or no preparation.


Writing and layout by Vasili Kaliman

Art by Jacob Fleming, Huargo, Ken Landgraf, Chris Malec, Diogo Noiguiera, Stefan Poag, and Andrew Walter.

Published by Singing Flame, Spring 2022