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Dungeon Delve: The Misty Hall of Kalavorka

Dungeon Delve: The Misty Hall of Kalavorka

Softcover, NM Condition, signed by author, numbered.


The Misty Halls of Kalávorka is a forty-page module of high adventure, exploration, and mystery with a minimal plot that allows it to fit easily into any campaign world. In this adventure for mid-level characters levels 5 to 7, the player characters will explore a mountain wilderness searching for the halls of the cloud giant, Thorogang. Legend has it that the giant and his clan possesses the ability of second sight and prophecy. Be­ings of all races seeking knowledge of hidden mysteries flocked to their mountain fastness for guidance. Rumor has it that the halls themselves hold the secret of the giants’ powers. However, no one has seen or heard from any of these giants in years. All that is needed is a group of highly motivated and brave adventurers can uncover the truth of what happened to the rulers of the fabled misty halls.

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