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Dungeon World: Secrets of the Enemy Capital

Dungeon World: Secrets of the Enemy Capital

Hardcover, NM Condition.


Beneath, between and behind the Nex lies Kerse, the so-called Enemy Capital, where dozens of races are locked in an immortal conflict for control of the city. Here is a melting pot of sorts, where almost anything can be bought or found. But will the price be too high?

Locked in an underground realm of perpetual darkness, where even the mightiest of deities cannot, or will not, look in, a place where even the greatest wizards are nothing more than weaklings without their spells, the denizens of Dungeon World fight literally for their next breaths. This is a world where only the dead come, a purgatory they are forced to endure to pay for some unknown sin. Or is it just another test from on high?

Throughout the ages, the mysterious Caretakes have stoked the flames of the hatred and distrust in Kerse, but now something has changed. And they have dispatched their Horsemen of Balance. Can your characters survive long enough to turn the tide... or escape?