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Early Dark

Early Dark

Hardcover, NM Condition


Early Dark is a world rife with human conflict, fearsome natures, and uncertain magicks. Millennia ago, kings and commoners witnessed the birth of a new power, a magick capable of controlling time, shifting continents, realigning the very stars. Through three generations of war, great Weavers wrought all forms of ill against nature, pitting mighty civilizations against one another before their own kind died out, taking the power of the Loom with them.

Centuries of migration and lost learning followed, and the world went about settling the chaos and hemming the ruptures left by the Weavers. Humans, left to their own devices, went on building new civilizations and new empires oblivious to the past. In time, those who craved magick found secrets of an earlier age hidden deep within the earth. Their grasping thrust the world around the Hara Sea into war again. It is at the very end of this war that the events of Early Dark take place.

Note: Book has a "lay-flat" design where the spine of the pages are intentionally detached from the hard cover. The page binding is stitched independently of the spine and reinforced with a brown paper backing that you can see if you peer down the gap.