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Eoris Boxed Set

Eoris Boxed Set

What is more important? God or her creation? Eoris Essence is a high-fantasy, profoundly philosophical and psychological world in which a celestial event—The Black Howling—may bring about the end of time, confronting our devotion to God to our need to live. The Eoris Essence taps into the success-based Essence System which uses 20-sided dice, a fast-paced combat mechanic, and an intuitive set of rules.

A box set including 2 hardcover full color books (over 420-pages in total) featuring a vast universe where the notions of reality and existence are redefined by the Black Howling; a battle that raises the question, what is more important, God or her creation?
This RPG box set includes everything you need to play: setting, game system, character sheets, etc. There is no need to buy additional books or player manuals (dice not included).


Hardback box set, Excellent Condition (minor damage to box)