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Evergreen Wilds: National Park Guide

Evergreen Wilds: National Park Guide

Welcome to the great outdoors, indoors!


Life can be hectic, chaotic, and busy. Every now and again we just need a little break from the norm. Evergreen Wilds has a prime opportunity for you! Take a season away from your home life and spend it as a ranger here in our national park! We'll put you through a few weeks of training before dropping you off for an 8 week rotation. As you respond to calls from Ranger HQ to investigate and document incidents, you'll be keeping hikers and campers safe, and maintaining the security and beauty of the Wilds. 


What is Evergreen Wilds? Evergreen Wilds is a solo roleplaying game that allows a player to live and explore a season as a park ranger in a national park. Evergreen Wilds uses a simple journaling system, with keyword and weather prompts, and map locations to create unique encounters throughout each week the player is stationed. 


  Evergreen Wilds Features:

  • A concise stylized brochure with all rules, and information needed to play within.
  • A full park map, with locations, keywords, and weather prompts.
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