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Go big! Go strange! Go Fae!

FaeCraft offers a cascade of amazing options for players to create fantastic Fae characters in most fantasy game formats and systems.

FaeCraft includes shapeshifting and diminutive Fae, awesome Giants, elemental Stone Folk, mycologist Mould Crafters, mysterious Dream Thieves, and more!

FaeCraft includes a terrific D666 background generator that works with any system. A quick roll gives profession, possessions, and locale, perfect for getting a player going and for NPC's on the fly.

FaeCraft is an open ended, system-friendly way to generate unique and memorable characters. It is a companion to and expansion of CraftWork, which offers a similar flexible approach to more traditional fantasy characters. They grew up together, and while you don’t need CraftWork to use FaeCraft, they work well as a pair!

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