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Fairview Civilian Defense Guidebook

Fairview Civilian Defense Guidebook

In 1945 the world stopped changing.

And for the people of Fairview, the war continues on. Isolated and removed from the rest of the United States, the inhabitants of fairview go about their daily lives supporting the town and the war effort. In Fairview, the citizens work for the greater good.

Long live the President!

Long live America!

Fairview is a roleplaying about a small community in Anytown, USA during a World War II that never ended. Players take on the roles of characters living in one of these small communities, trying to support the war effort by growing food, producing ammunitions, or recycling rubber. Everyone is an invested member of their community. But there's something unsettling about Fairview… something beneath the surface suggests something is not quite right.

Softcover, color interior, NM Condition.