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Folded Wishes

Folded Wishes

It is said that beautifully folded paper can make your heart’s deepest wish come true. In Folded Wishes, you’ll compete in a prestigious contest to be named a master of origami.


Each turn, you’ll connect a paper pattern tile to the grid of tiles in the center of the table. Each pattern tile has a fold action that lets you change positions of animals in the grid. Then, you’ll push your tile into the grid and take a new tile for your next turn. Folding your animals into specific shapes in the grid lets you learn new skills to make your folds even more powerful.


The origami crafter with all four of their origami animals in a straight vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line inside the grid of pattern tiles earns the favor of the emperor and wins!

In addition to wooden animal pieces, Folded Wishes comes with sheets of origami paper so that players may craft their own pieces.