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Forbidden Rules

Forbidden Rules

Used, good condition. Base of spine slightly split, taped back. Minor damage at top of spine. Minor bending/curvature on both covers.


Forbidden Rules introduces a set of variant and optional rules to change the way you play Shadow of the Demon Lord. Inside this sourcebook, you’ll find:

  • Variant dice rules such as having the players roll all the dice, flat damage, no attack rolls, and bell curve rolls
  • New marks of darkness and fortune points to give players more control over the game
  • Damage reducing armor and simplified weapons and armor
  • Wounds
  • Variant healing and simplified dying and death
  • Social combat rules
  • Initiative
  • New actions in combat
  • Abstract combat rules and rules for chases
  • Random attributes and characteristics
  • Skills
  • The adept novice path
  • Power points for casting spells
  • Rules for determining what happens between adventures
  • Basic rules for playing characters beyond level 10!
  • And much more!