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Forgotten Ballad - A Sword and Song Adventure Game - Softcover

Forgotten Ballad - A Sword and Song Adventure Game - Softcover

Listen, kid. The Enemy’s power is growing again. This old world has survived many calamities. Our people are few, simple, and scared. It gives us hope to see you with all that courage. You can fight back if you find those relics and forgotten songs buried in old ruins.

But it’s dangerous to go alone. Gather your friends and take this with you! 


Forgotten Ballad is intended to be played by two or more players, with one player assuming the role of the Guide. This player controls the challenges faced by other players and also creates characters for them to interact with. The other players control the heroes, describing how they will interact with the challenges presented by the Guide.


By Fillepe Da Silva, coolwayink


Based on Fillepe da Silva’s original The Legend of The Forgotten Ballad, a Minimalist Tabletop RPG contained in a single pamphlet, Forgotten Ballad has been expanded into a complete tabletop adventure RPG packed into 52 pages.  This expanded version provides optional rules, expanded details, more content for your games, and additional art.


In Forgotten Ballad, you and your friends will take on the role of characters in a whimsical fantasy world who explore ancient ruins as you search for magical songs, powerful relics, and free wondrous guardians. The game's simple rules focus on solving problems, using only a dice pool of d6.


About the book:

  • 52 color pages, in A5 format – beautifully illustrated

  • Expanded - but still simple – rules

  • Complete Hero Creation rules and options

  • Plenty of Monsters – stats and details

  • Forest of Storms Adventure

  • Random Tables to generate your own adventure scenarios


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