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GOZR (softcover)

GOZR (softcover)

GOZR is a sci-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game by James West about the adventures of ugly weirdos in a far future fallen world. You create your gooz character through a series of choices and random rolls. What sort of hair do they have? What kind of weapons? What is their lucky symbol? What shape do their peculiar ears take?


The game is presented entirely in illustrated and hand-lettered pages stuffed with random tables. No fonts were used in the making of this book.


The game system is based on making d20 rolls vs. target numbers related to your character’s abilities. There is magic, weird technology, strange creatures, and lots of robots. Explore the streets of Goozer City, then head up the river to the Ghost Dunes or the Mountains of the Sun. All in a day’s work for a curious gooz.


To play, you’ll need some players, this book, and at least one set of polyhedral dice. And imagination, of course.


48 page comic-sized, soft cover book.