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GURPS Mass Combat (4e)

GURPS Mass Combat (4e)

Softcover, NM Condition.


There Will Be War! Hordes of orcs. Axis invaders. Starbeasts of Jupiter. Sooner or later, every GURPS campaign is likely to encounter battles too large to resolve with the ordinary combat system. The answer: GURPS Mass Combat! This powerful abstract system lets players resolve land, sea, and air battles with just a few die rolls. Logistics and reconnaissance, air superiority and sieges, casualties and looting - Mass Combat deals with all these factors and much more, in a generic system that can handle traditional, fantastic, and superscience troops at every tech level. Mass Combat also never loses sight of the fact that GURPS is a roleplaying game - every hero gets a chance to shine, and the rules emphasize what the players do and what happens to them.

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