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Hackmaster 4e: Annihilate the Giants

Hackmaster 4e: Annihilate the Giants

Softcover, VG condition.


Giants have been raiding the lands of Garweeze Wurld, causing widespread death and destruction ­ and great consternation to noble rulers sworn to protect the life and goods of certain influential members of their populace. Therefore, a party of the bravest and most powerful adventurers was assembled and given the charge to punish the miscreant giants. Unfortunately, they charged too much - so your players will have to do! They must deliver a sharp check to the giants, or else return and put their heads upon the block for the headsman's axe (or at the very least 18 months in a medium security facility). Players must follow any clues discovered, if such clues point toward the sinister hand suspected of guiding the uprising, but to return at once if they should determine exactly the reason or force behind the alliance of evil. After all, some dark relic might be at hand... or it might not. Who knows? Regardless, there's plenty of giants to hack and treasure to loot. Lots of it.

Recommended for characters of 7th-11th level.

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