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in*die zine September 2021

in*die zine September 2021

New, A5 format, black and white interior.



Here's what you can find in this issue:

  • Ice Busters! is a whimsical little physical game to be played in the shade on warm summer days
  • Summer Drinks for Summer Games is a menu of games with summer vibes paired with mock- and cocktails to imbibe while playing
  • Die20! V: Play That F***ing Game is about playing things like we did when we were kids - find a weird game and play it with your friends on the fly
  • Perfect Summer Body is a game-spell to create the perfect summer body
  • Midsummer & Other Festivals is part-supplement, part-article, all advice on creating festivals, holidays, and season rituals in your campaign world
  • Hay Babe is a love story game of a farmer who fell in love with the worker they hired to make hay, and the memories that come to him as he feeds the hay out through the winter
  • HyperHalfling's List #5 is a set of tables of things you might find in the height of summer in your game
  • The Summer Lad and Autumn Lass&