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Infected (Earthdawn RPG Adventure)

Infected (Earthdawn RPG Adventure)

Used, fair condtition. Signs of age, slight wear damage around edges of covers, pages are slightly yellowed. Is in a top-open protective plastic sleeve.




Deep in the isolated hinterlands of Barsaive, where strangers are met with fear and suspicion, lies a tiny, isolated village. When tales of strange powers possessed by one young villager began to spread, it was only a matter of time before the black-clad fanatics of the Grim Legion arrived to investigate these dire rumors.


These vigilantes pronounced the girl Horror-tainted, corrupted by foul evil--a pestilence to be purged from the land.


Held captive by the Grim Legion's reign of terror, this village's only hope lies with a small band of unsuspecting adventurers...


Infected is an Earthdawn adventure for 6 to 8 characters of any Discipline of Circles 2 through 4.

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