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Into the Bronze

Into the Bronze

Softcover, A5 format.


Into the Bronze is a RPG of sword, sorcery and sandals in Mesopotamia from the Bronze era.

The plains between the Tigris and Ephrates rivers hide silent, gloomy valleys where demons and lesser gods devise their evil plans. Defy the gods of Sumeria, behold the beginning of civilization.

Created as a Into the Odd hack, ItB drinks from the same source as the old school games.

  • 36 available backgrounds, 6 of which have access to a modular magic system by magical intonations. 
  • Several tables for creating scenarios and hexagons of your own bronze lands. 
  • A bestiary with its own creatures for players' immersion. 
  • A beautiful layout 
  • Awesome public domain images
  • Character sheets in A4 and Letter paper size for free here:
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