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Knights of Lazarus

Knights of Lazarus

Knights of Lazarus


Purchase includes the pdf, which will be emailed separately.

Crafted for the Mothership RPG, Knights of Lazarus presents a puzzle, unsolvable the
first time through. The crew must discover the best tactics to combat specialized
enemies, roleplay through encounters, and choose whether to retreat or push their
luck through the dungeon, The Ship Canterbury.

Besides the dungeon, the zine offers the Knights of Lazarus as a recurring faction
and specialized rules for joining the knightly order.

● Format: 8.5x5.5 inches
● 60 pages, saddle-stitched zine, full color

● Designed for Mothership RPG 1E. Stats light and easy to adapt.
● 5 Dungeon Maps, 50+ unique rooms.
● Distilled Dungeon Ruleset fits in the inside cover with enough space for
references to all enemy stats. 3 Levels of difficulty.
● Easy-to-use Automated Enemies to outwit and outpace.
● 10 Unique Enemies + 3 Specialized Traps.
● 5 Recurring NPCs. Each with dedicated spreads and full-page portraits.
● Variable Play Rules. Run as a number of one-shots, a stand-alone campaign,
or effortlessly integrate into larger campaigns.
● 20+ Rumors, 4 Declassified Secrets.
● 4+ Pages of Random Tables including a Random Knight Generator.
● Joining the Knights of Lazrus Ruleset, complete with post-mission psych
evaluations, 12+ missions, rank wages, and warden notes to aid the crews
● 4 Xenotech Artifacts extrapolated from today’s brain stimulation technology.

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