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Lead and Gold

Lead and Gold

Lead and Gold is a card based crime role-playing game for 3 to 7 players. Draw characters and roles from a deck of cards in order to step into the aftermath of a heist gone wrong. The cards will help you build quick relationships and a checkered past, and then support you as you argue, blame, and backstab your way to safety or revenge.


Your crew was in the middle of an easy score when it all went wrong. Bank security didn’t go off, but the police showed up anyway—it almost seems like they were waiting.


You got away with the loot, but the crew boss, the one who set this all up, started shooting and died on the way out. The last thing the boss said before they died was that one of you must be a rat…and in order for the rest of you to get away clean, the rat has to die.


Players in the game are looking to figure out who at the table ratted them out to the cops, and then kill them. Unless of course you are the rat, in which case the object is to survive. More importantly, though, the game is meant to put your characters under pressure in order to help them play out their relationships and emotions in the wake of this botched job. Players should be willing to speak as their characters and try to get what their characters want from the situation and from each other, and the cards in the deck will help you along the way.

Lead and Gold is a GMless game with minimal setup. It takes about 2 hours to play.