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Mew-Tants! 2e is a zine RPG where everyone is a cat; but not just a normal cat, a cat with super powers. But other than the superpowers mostly just a normal cat.


Your super-powers include Laser Eyes, tele-cat-nesis and and Spider-cat!


Explore the neighbourhood, rescue stranded cats from trees, and take down the 'nip and kibble dealers. Anything is possible when you're a Mew-Tant!


Except using things requiring thumbs, you are still a cat.


The rules of Mew-Tants! are super simple to learn, needing only a d6 to play, and are a great introductory tabletop roleplaying game. The game works well as a one shot but can extend into multiple sessions.


Mew-Tants! is an A5 zine with 24 pages. It includes all the rules you need to play the game as well as a one-shot introductory adventure . 


You will also receive the Digital Edition (PDF) of Mew-Tants! 2e with your order.