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Mothership Player's Guide

Mothership Player's Guide

Softcover, NM Condition.


Winner Best Game ENnie Awards

This rules-lite, pick up and play, high stakes RPG packs more into its 48-page zine style rulebook than most games do in their entire product line. If you like Aliens, Event Horizon, or Dead Space, this game is for you. Inside you'll find:

  • Everything you need to start playing Mothership® today. Play as a Marine, Scientist, Teamster or Android.
  • Simple and fast character creation rules. Everything you need to know is printed right on the character sheet.
  • cheat sheet of all the rules you need to play. 
  • Landmark layout and product design. No page flipping or hunting for obscure edge-case rules.
  • Flowchart style worksheet for building custom space ships.
  • Groundbreaking Panic & Stress system. Watch your character freak out when the pressure gets too intense.
  • Tons of support. Award winning modules, pamphlet adventures, and a world-class Discord community make this a no brainer for anyone looking to sink their teeth into a meaty game.
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