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Mythistorical Game Bundle

Mythistorical Game Bundle

This bundle includes the following games by tibbius (you can find an interview with them here):


24XX Shine: Be a journalist, a beat cop, a bootlegger, a card shark. Even a labor organizer! Charge head first into the challenges of Prohibition and come out on top or get knocked down.  This module does not model the inarguably offensive aspects of Prohibition-era America. That subject matter can be explored, or not, according to your table's interest and comfort. The value of such exploration is disputable


DORY + APSIS: An Homeric game of authenticity, struggle, and hubris. They call you heroes, because you seek renown in serving your patron's honor - such as it is. Leave others to reckon the costs of honor and glory. You chase them recklessly.


Eriu: This is a game set in Ireland, in the late Bronze Age. Filled with incidents and personages, some interesting locations that can be researched further. 


Fair Ones: Spirits left to wander far grow monstrous fair and old. Ghostbusters, X-Files, the Cthulhu Mythos, Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, the Book of Coming Forth by Day, and all the folktales of powerful ancestral spirits who bargain with mortals, are some inspirations for this roleplaying game of modern necromancy and fey incursions. When you die, your spirit may wander and grow. Spirits that wander too far grow monstrous and become Old Ones, Fair Folk, whimsically malicious or benign. Funerary rites bind spirits. Graveyard arcanists hack the bindings to animate objects, occultists offer ghosts release for service. Cemeterians deter such depredations, but can be bribed. Clergy press the Fair Ones back from our reality with sacred words and icons. Most people don’t believe all this ...


sphinx: Welcome to Khemet of the New Kingdom. You are servants of Pharaoh, no matter how you walk your life. There is no escape from your Ma'at, which is the path to success and happiness. Though you call upon spirits in the practice of Heka, they aid you only in perfecting your fate.