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One Piece TCG: Yamato Starter Deck

One Piece TCG: Yamato Starter Deck


Add to your card pool with black cards, first released in ST-05, and yellow cards, first released in ST-07!

Have more scope for deckbuilding with enough black or yellow cards to rival the other colors!

This is the perfect way for new players to get started, and a great chance for experienced players to strengthen their deck!

Card List

• Yamato (Leader)
• Uzuki Tempura
• Ulti
• Kaido
• Kouzuki Oden
• Kouzuki Momonosuke
• Shinobu
• Shimotsuki Ushimaru
• Fugetsu Omusubi
• Portgas.D.Ace
• Monkey.D.Luffy
• Yamato (Character)
• Narikabura Arrow
• Thunder Bagua

1 Constructed Deck (51 cards)
10 DON! Cards
1 Play Sheet

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