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Oops, All Draculas!

Oops, All Draculas!

You've always wondered what was just beyond the doors of the spooky house at the end of the block. Turns out, it's full of Draculas. Now, those Draculas are you.

Oops, All Draculas! is a d6 (six-sided die) dice pool roleplaying game played using the Buddy System and can be played with or without a Dracula Master, tarot deck, or Dracula book of your choice. In it, you play as various styles of Dracula all living together in a home of your design. Whether from internal or external forces, shenanigans ensue. Be they Dracula hunters, new Draculas in town, werewolves, or the hated Home Ownership Association, a Dracula's life is never easy.

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